Digital annual reports for Ruter

2020 was a different year for all of us, and for Ruter they had to change their mission to advicing customers against travelling by public transportation. For Ruter's annual report they wanted to celebrate the customers and their efforts and participation throughout 2020.

The concept for the report is based on that participation from the customers and thanking them for their efforts. The hero section shows our new everyday life in 2020, with videocalls to our colleagues, family, friends and schools. The colorpallete is a friendly and colorfull twist on colors that mean alot to Ruter. Green is inspired by Ruters face mask campaign throughout 2020. While yellow is Ruters color for deviations.

This was my second year working on Ruter's annual report. We accomplished many UX enhancements last year, so this year we could focus more on the concept and visuals. I worked on the concept, visuals, illustrations and some of the animations.

★ Gold, Best digital annual report. Farmandprisen 2020

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