Powered by the elements

Scatec is a Norwegian renewable power producer with locations worldwide. They produce energy by harnessing the energy from natural elements such as solar, wind and hydro power.

Previously known as Scatec Solar, Scatec decided to expand to working with other power sources then just solar energy. To mark this shift for the company they wanted to create a united brand that could stand for their global renewable energy production in under one brand.

With the new start for Scatec we wanted to create a vibrant brand powered by the motions of natural resources: wind, hydro and solar power.

I worked on the concept, visual identity and re-skinning of their existing website, both together with our team at Stem Agency.

Website reskin

A team at Design Container (now Stem Agency) worked on Scatec’s website back in 2018. Since the site is so new and works perfectly fine for now, we ended up only reskinning their website with the new visual identity. I worked together with Filip Gran to take their excisting website into their new branding universe.

This was also a opportunity to correct UX friction to enhance the experience of the website even more.